Faith Lutheran Church 

by R.M. -


Perhaps it looks a little daunting above the many granite stairs

Built from quarried Quincy granite upon the rock the city wears

But once you open up the doors, hopefully you'll find

The spirit of the Savior of all of humankind


Those that weekly gather are a family

Perhaps you'll see the many shades of who we wish we wouldn't be

But if you linger longer, we are a treasure trove for sure

Despite the human faults we share, we are blessed with so much more


We are open to the learning that our Scriptures do provide

And guided by our Pastor's hand our eyes are opened wide

Although we often struggle with the pain life throws our way

We know the love of Jesus holds us fast through everyday


We also know of love and joy and not by some small measure

It is demonstrated to us from God whose kingdom lasts forever

A kingdom where we have a place to all who seek to know

So we hope our praise and worship, our gratitude will show


We'd love to have you join us a passing visit or lengthy stay

After all we are a family; we welcome you either way.