All are welcome!

Faith Lutheran Church welcomes you! We are a community of faith committed to loving and serving God by loving and serving all of God's creation.  We live in gratitude for a rich history, in joyful engagement with our current mission, and in great anticipation of all that is to come.  Just as God's house has many rooms, we aim to make room for people of all ages, races, orientations, and social and economic situations, welcoming all into the freely give grace of God through Jesus Christ.  Come join us as we worship, rejoice, confess, receive forgiveness, serve and discern where God is calling us to mission in the world.

-Pr. Heidi Johnston

We Welcome All - no matter your faith or denominational background, race, socio-economic realities, age, sexual orientation, abilities, political views, or imperfections

We Welcome All - visitors, seekers, and people looking to put faith in action

We Welcome All - to follow Christ's example in welcoming all people with intentional compassion, enthusiasm and LOVE.